The Recap of Comics in the Middle of Nowhere 2024 #CITMON

The Recap of Comics in the Middle of Nowhere 2024 #CITMON

Comics in the Middle of Nowhere #1
This past weekend, our event "Comics in the Middle of Nowhere" took place, and what a day it was! The weather was beautifully sunny, creating the perfect atmosphere for enjoying all the activities we had planned. We look back on a fantastic intimate event with not only great weather but also an incredible turnout of wonderful comic fans.


High Turnout of Sellers
The event attracted no less than 33 sellers, all of whom had registered to showcase and sell their collections and special editions. Trading was lively, and there was a lot of exchange between the vendors and the visitors in the beautiful surroundings of the middle of nowhere. It was great to see how enthusiastic everyone was about the offered comics.

Enthusiastic Audience
The comic fans gave us a lot of positive feedback, something we are very happy about. Many even felt that there were more comics here than at a typical Comic-Con, but now in an intimate setting with room to get to know each other. Which is a huge compliment for our event. The enthusiasm and appreciation of the visitors made the day even more special for us organizing an event for the first time.

Role of the Sellers
The sellers played a crucial role in the success of "Comics in the Middle of Nowhere." Without their presence and impressive collections, the event would not have been possible. We would like to sincerely thank all the sellers for their participation and contribution.

Photography by Diana Teeuwen and Yoni Jellesma
We were fortunate to have two talented photographers from our community at the event. Diana Teeuwen took fantastic photos that perfectly captured the atmosphere and highlights of the day. These photos can be shared by us and are available for free download from GOOGLE PHOTO'S

Additionally, Yoni Jellesma  also created beautiful photos and videos. We will be sharing this footage in our aftermovie so everyone can relive the wonderful moments of the day.

Future Plans
We are pleased to announce that we have already received approval to host this event for the next two years. We will organize it again with great enthusiasm and even more surprises. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated and not miss the free early bird tickets for next year! (This event will always be free!)

Should you be there next year? The collector's Beard said:

Thank You!
We want to thank everyone who made this event possible. We truly appreciated the participation of the professional vendors, including Richard Boom, CLZ, and Film Freaks Only. Their trust in us and their involvement in the event meant a lot to us. A special thanks goes out to the 15 volunteers, Yoni Jellesma for designing our brand, and our sidekicks Frank, Roy, and Hendrie for their efforts, ideas and for hosting the live auctions and making this day special. Peter, thanks for hosting the great cleaning workshops and Vosmeijer catering for the great food!

We most importantly thank all the sellers and visitors for their participation. Your dedication and contribution made this event a great success. If you want to help us repeating this event next year, please leave us a google review!

We look forward to seeing you (and your comic friends) all again next year!

**If you want to learn more about setting up this event watch this interview by TV OOST

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Marcel Brilman

Leuke dag gehad. Zowel als koper en verkoper. Zeker aanwezig op editie 2!

Jannes Van den Berg

Echt, super tof. Dank je wel

Martijn Gerritsen

Gigantisch genoten, eindelijk een event waar de echte comic liefhebber centraal staat.


Goed georganiseerd event met vele comic liefhebbers een geweldige community!
Leuke live sales en de kans om je eigen spullen te laten veilen.voor een eerste keer zeer goed verlopen.alle vrijwilligers ook zeer aardig!

Martijn De Ruig

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